Cape of Good Hope is a workspace in which photographers, graphic designers and authors can reflect about a work of photography.

When the result of this reflection is the realisation of a photobook, Cape of Good Hope also functions as a label that takes care of its promotion and distribution. It’s a collaborative workspace in the domain of self-publishing.

In 2020 Cape of Good Hope will publish a photobook. Time of the Giants!

In 2018 Cape of Good Hope has published the work of Geert Van Den Eede.

Geert had travelled over a period of 10 years to the south eastern corners of Europe (Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, ….).

The book is called Where are we now?  and it investigates in a poetic and personal way the impact of the free market on local landscapes and communities, 30 years after the end of communism and 20 years after the Balkan wars.

Façade Démocratique (2016) was Cape of Good Hope’s first book. The photobook tries to explore how values like humanity, hope and beauty are doing in Belgium’s consumerist society.

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Cape of Good Hope is based in Brussels (Belgium).

David Nollet