Where are we now?

“Where are we now?”

a photobook


the south-eastern corners of Europe


Geert Van Den Eede (photography)

Geert will release his book

during the Balkan Trafik Festival in Brussels

at Creative District (Touch of the Balkans festival)

book launch in

Ravenstein Gallery 18 – 36

on Sunday 22 april ’18

at 2 pm

exhibition  19-25 April

” There is a lot to say about Europe, the Balkans and the way they stare at each other. To most European eyes, the Balkans are an underexposed version of European reality, shot on an expired 3200 ASA film from a forgotten East German stock. European eyes seem to be strongly attracted to the huge crystals of silver bromide. The Balkans appear to them as enticing and juicy – is that because Europe’s identities are being harmonized with so much pain? – but with a very limited utility. On the other hand, when we are looking at Europe through our Balkan eyes, we are staring into a perfectly exposed reality with a brilliant dynamic range. We are looking at the pixels with respect although in sotto voce we murmur that it’s mostly post-production, that behind those magnificently crafted European landscapes, everything is far less luxurious.” (O. Lopušina, Belgrade, October 2017)

With Ognjen Lopušina (essay) – Grégoire Romefort (graphic design) – Olivier Dengis (lithography) – L.capitan (printing company) – Cape of Good Hope –  Brussels 2018

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