CAPE’s Favourite Photobooks of the Year 2015

Segregation StoryTerrible pictures of a sad story. Sad pictures of a terrible story. Gordon Park’s colorful account of somewhere a society not so long ago.


Gordon Parks/Steidl

Modoru Okinawa: “Mother, Mother, There is too many of you crying”……Life as it was in Okinawa. US Army soldiers freaking out in the bars, streets and brothels of the red light district of Koza city.


© Keizo Kitajiwa/Gomma Books

El Frente: El Cíclope Mecánico proposed to focus on the inner-history of El Frente’s inhabitants (the current ones and the ones in the past), on  “the anti-heroes that write history in an unconscious way, not meaning to become protagonists


© El Cíclope Mecánico/Ediciones Anómalas

Ronchamp: All we want to say here is that this book reminds us of modernity’s spiritual and optimistic face. And it does so very well!

bueb ds

© Charles Bueb/Facteur Humain

Lisboa (2015 edition): “Who can deny that Palla and Martins show values that have been lost?” is what Badger writes in the accompanying booklet. An unexpectedly subversive photobook!


© Costa Martins/Victor Palla/Pierre Von Kleist editions

Chronicle: “I’ve seen the future, brother…Things are going to slide, slide in all directions.” In Chronicle we are facing the “scenes of actions that will determine the future of Ukraine and, of course, the whole of Europe.”


© Sergiy Lebedynskyy/Vladyslav Krasnoshchok/Dienacht Publishing

Iran 1970: And the travelogue, as far as we may say something so personal with regard to the great Basilico, is nothing else than the story of how he fell in love with his lifetime mission as a photographer.


© Gabriele Basilico/Humboldt Books

Rhyl Seafront:  “The little Café Royal publications are lovely and do always touch a tender spot. Here we have Stephen Clarke’s images of the sea resort where he spent his childhood.”

Stephen Clarke — Rhyl Seafront

© Stephen Clarke/ Café Royal Books

Dzogchen: “Belles couleurs intenses, telles que celles dont une âme profonde revêt tous les objets de la vie. (Baudelaire)”: Part 3 of the Himalaya trilogy by Vincent Delbrouck.


© Vincent Delbrouck (self-published)

Tones of Dirt and Bone: It’s like a Rolling Stone. But it’s a photobook!


© Mike Brodie/ Twins Palms Publishers


Thank you four stopping at CAPE’s last post for the year 2015. It was a pleasure to present this post as  a …… list of photobooks! We will be back in January and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.