CAPE’S 2018 favourites and the christmas star!!

On the darkest day of the year, I show you my shiny photobook stars of 2018. Thank you very kindly for stopping at this blog and I wish you peace, happines, good health and the best of luck for 2019! David



Gábor Arion Kudász Human (self-published in colloboration with Faur Zsófi Gallery) – Geert Van Den Eede Where are we now? (self-published in colloboration with Cape of Good Hope) – Tamiko Nishimura My Journey (Zen Foto Gallery) –  Martijn Doolaard Further Complications (Voetnoot) – Pedro Guimarães How to Fly (xyz books) –  Pascal Anders Einbahnstrasse (self-published) – Chris Marker Coréens L’Arachnéen – Lin Yu Chih Fearless Atayal Origini Edizioni – Fabio Sgroi Palermo 1984-1986 Yard Press – Guido Guidi Per Strada Mack