Country Fictions by Juan Aballe

Juan Aballe published a really neat book with Fuego Books about his “relationship with the rural environment and the emotions brought about by the possibility of taking the big step of leaving the city and living closer to nature.


© Juan Aballe

What we get are carefully made and carefully represented pictures of people who seem to be liberated from the neuroses and manias that big city people have to deal with. “Carefully” seems to be the appropriate word here because all these characters seem to be caring about something very essential that has become rare in (or at least closed to) the consumerist culture in the larger urban regions of the West.


© Juan Aballe

Aballe’s characters (as opposed to Eggleston’s) seem to have a healthy relationship with their own nature and with the rural world in which they are living. The characters show fearlesness towards the photographer (or spectator) and trust towards the future. They seem to have attracted the right spirits around themselves and their beloved ones. Their enterprise, it must be said, is all the more impressive because Spain is a country that is massively struck by what is commonly called “the crisis”. It s rural communities are disappearing fast and one needs to have a very good plan to go and live there today.


© Juan Aballe


© Juan Aballe

In this context, you might wonder, whether Juan Aballe managed to find a buccolic paradise or an oasis in the economic desert which is Spain? It is hoped that the answer is not to be found in the book’s title: Country Fictions!


© Juan Aballe

But hey, why be so negative? Why not believe in hope for a better world? The revolution begins within ourselves and that is what we retain from this wonderful excursion to these pockets in the Spanish countryside. Where a new world is rising from the ashes of the old one.


Thank you very much Mr. Aballe!