C.A.P.E.’s photobooks of the year 2014

This is our list of 10 favourite 2014 photobooks. Please enjoy C.A.P.E.’s contribution to the photobook community.

Chewing Gum and Chocolate: “The strong and  well-armed soldiers who assume supreme power over the local culture and, more painfully over the local ladies, appear as demiurgs of a crazy world in which everything and everyone is for sale.”

shomei tomatsu

© Shomei Tomatsu/Aperture

Amore e Piombo: “And all of a sudden the reader realizes that this book is more than an album of historical highlights. The photographs seem to be brought together as a rebus, a riddle in images, a graphic cryptogram sheding a subtle light on the dark and mysterious mechanisms behind the violence.”amc eye

© Team Editorial Services/Alinari/AMC

Rome: “Contemporary Rome succesfully depicted by the eternal eye of Anders Petersen.”

anders petersen rome

© Anders Petersen/Punctum

Lipadusa: “A look at Europe’s shamefully dangerous port of entry for refugees coming from the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. With style and respect for the islanders and the refugees.”


© Calogero Cammaleri/Fabrica

Country Fictions: “Living on the country-side in these high tech urban era is not a Lynchean, freaky experience. Is it?”


© Juan Aballe / Fuego Books

BONOM, le singe boiteux: “Both an intriguing photobook and a book with intriguing photographs.”


© Vincent Glowinsky/Ian Dyckmans/CFC Editions

North of Barnet: “These little Café Royal publications are lovely and do always touch a tender spot.”

geoff howard

© Geoff Howard/ Café Royal Books

Going Home: “China, China, China. You blink your eyes and you are in another country again, again and again. But then, where was home again?”


© Muge/ Jiazazhi Press