CAPE’s 2017 favourites and a christmas ball!

Thanking you for stopping from time to time at my blog, I wish you all good health and happiness for 2018. Here is a short post to conclude the old year in the traditional way: C.A.P.E.’s favourites of 2017 (and a christmas ball). With my best wishes, David


Igor Mukhin: Just a pie in the sky (1991-1999 The Yeltsin Years) – Fyodor Telkov 36 views – Martin Bogren Italia

Shin Yanagisawa untitled – Irina Popova If you have a secret – Pino Musi ACRE

Misha Pedan Eternal Presence – Gabriele Basilico Bord de Mer – Isabelle Detournay La classe A008 – Fabio Sgrol Past Euphoria Post Europa