CAPE’s 2016 favourites!

This was my last post for 2016. Thank you for stopping from time to time at CAPE! It was a pleasure to be able to develop my blog further and of course also to launch the publication of my own book on this platform. Let’s have good hope that next year will be less of a democratic façade. Let’s hope that everyone who is on the run because of war, economic hardship or other misery enforced by malicious rulers will be able to breathe again. CAPE will be back in January and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. David

Here are CAPE’s favourite photobooks of the year 2016!

Bar Espagnol by Pablo Casino (self-published): It is about living this special condition of being an émigré, a condition where “when I go home” or “when I was a child” have unfathomable meanings to the outsider. And it is about living this special condition – silently-  together with only those who can understand: the compañeros, the community.


© Pablo Casino

Valparaiso by Sergio Larrain (2016 Xavier Barral edition): A re-visitation. Like all port cities Valparaiso is only half a city. The other half is unfolding itself in the imagination. And the other half of beautiful-sordid Valparaiso is unfolding itself in this book. 


© Sergio Larrain

1980. In Berlin.  by Heiko Sievers (Peperoni Books). There was no military service to fulfill, there were no financial traps. Artists and mere dreamers disposed of all the time they needed. It was kinky and it was for free. It was Europe’s wicked city!


© Heiko Sievers

Antebellum by Gilles Mora (Lamaindonne). “Intriguing self-interrogations by a Frenchman in the Deep South of the USA. He wants you to feel that he had been exploring haunted places. And you feel it!”


© Gilles Mora

Poste Restante by Christer Strömholm (2016 re-edition Christer Strömholm Estate). The Photobook a History (I) says: “Sex and death and Rock and Roll.” Re-edited by Strömholms son, at last!


© Christer Strömholm

In Flagrante Two by Chris Killip (Steidl): In Flagrante makes its grand return.Because there still is such thing as a society!”


© Chris Killip

Early Times by Vasantha Yogananthan (éditions Chose Commune): “Since 2013, Yogananthan has been travelling from north to south India, retracing the itinerary of the epic’s heroes. Between action and reality, he deliberately blurs the lines through multiple aesthetic approaches: colour, black and white, hand-painted and illustrated photographs are interspersed with vernacular images to compose the layers of this timeless story.


© Vasantha Yogananthan

Impasse Hotel Syria by Crass Clement (Glydendal): “15 years ago. A journey to Syria before it got lost in the abyss . Impasse. Already in the beginning of this century, nobody reckoned with a Happy End. A few hotel rooms provide comfort to a traveller from the North.”

impasse-hotel-syria-krass-clement© Crass Clement

Catalogue by Vincent Delbrouck (self-published): “He did it again: Belles couleurs intenses, telles que celles dont une âme profonde revêt tous les objets de la vie. (Baudelaire)”

Tipi bookshop

© Vincent Delbrouck